Tips on Raising Healthy and Happy Kids

Choosing Boutique
 and Other Accessories

Boutique BowsWhen it comes to choosing accessories like Boutique Bows especially boutique bows that come in different colors that are beautiful and fun, your baby girl might want to get all the colors. This is where you teach her restraint and let her pick only a few. Giving in to every whim of your child could make her spoilt in the long run and she could grow into an adult that thinks she’s entitled to get everything she wants in like.

Outdoor Play

Boutique BowsToday with so many video games, TV programs, movies, cartoons, and much more, kids might not feel inclined to go out to play. WIthout supervision, kiks would spend all their time on their devices indoors playing games and browsing the internet. Besides the dangers of unsupervised internet browsing that kids go though, it’s also bad for their interpersonal skills.

Outdoor play gives kids a chance to spend in the sun which is good for their growth and development and it’s a great way for them to meet other kids. Meeting and playing with other kids give them a chance to interact, develop social skills, and learn useful values like sharing, conflict resolution, making friends etc. When a kid learns social skills at a young age, they are more likely to be better functioning adults with health friends and relationships.

Also, being in nature boosts the mood of kids (as well as adults). Going outside does not have to mean going to the park always, you could encourage your kids to do their homework in the backyard, you could go on a walk with them around the neighborhood, etc. Just anything to get them outside for a little bit everyday.

Teach them about
Helping Others

Boutique BowsIt is important to teach kids the importance of giving back. Having a mindset of giving back and being a contributing member of the community will help them. Teaching kids altruisms will also contribute to their own happiness and will make them more well rounded individuals. Teaching kids to give back can also be a family activity.

The family can visit a homeless shelter or food drive to contribute both products, time, and manpower to help. You can have kids donate a part of their allowance to charity or a good organization and you can even have them pick it out and tell you why they chose that charity. Also teach kids to help their peers by being kind in class, helping a friend in need, showing empathy and not being a bully.

Practice Gratitude

Boutique BowsJust as you teach kids to give back to society and help others, you should also teach them to have gratitude for the things they have. Incorporate gratitude in their everyday lives so they can learn it and it becomes second nature. It starts with teaching toddlers to always say “Thank You” always ask nicely and never be greedy. When kids lead their lives being grateful everyday they become more happier ad more content and this leads them to become better adults. A good way to teach them to have gratitude is to practice gratitude yourself in your everyday life.

Kids to a very large extent learn by watching the people around them and they pick up on what  they see. Thus, parents and guardians should practice gratitude and show them that being grateful is something they should do too. You can also put it into practice by having them write thank you notes to their school teacher or their sunday school teacher. If they have a birthday, have them write thank you notes for every present they got.

Exercise Together

Boutique BowsYou too can be one of those families that go on hikes together, go on bike rides together, or do other exercise activity together. Exercising together as a family is a great way to spend time together while also having fun. There are so many activities and exercises that you can do as a family. Some examples are beach volleyball (if you live in a beach town), tennis, hikes, running (like weekly 5ks and 10ks), and even dance classes together to yoga.

These group activities will also create good memories for you and for the kids. It also makes every happier and healthier and happy parent equally happy kids equally happy family. A family with very young children can also exercise together by doing activities that the little kids can participate in. For example, a family can go on a hike with a baby by keeping the bay in a hiking stroller and thus the baby can still experience the outdoors.

Have High Expectations
and Encourage them
when they Fail

Boutique BowsIt is important for parents to have high expectations of their kids as kids push themselves to do their best and give their best in school and in every area of their lives. Parents should encourage kids to challenge themselves and learn new things and parents should provide support along the way.

So, for example, instead of helping kids do their homework by doing it yourself, guide them and show them how to. Answer questions they have and encourage them to tackle the problems on their own and that way, they’ll actually truly learn. And when they do fail (which they will at some point) parents should encourage them to try again and not give up. Parent shouldn’t shame kids for failing or getting something wrong. Instead, they should correct them kindly and show them how to do better next time.